Andy Ruiz Jr. Stunned Heavyweight Champ Anthony Joshua With A 7th Round Knockout

06.02.19 3 months ago

Getty Image

Andy Ruiz Jr. entered Saturday night’s heavyweight championship bout against Anthony Joshua as a 17-1 underdog to the IBF, IBO, WBA, and WBO heavyweight world champion.

The physical difference between the husky Ruiz and the chiseled physique of Joshua only helped to offer what most thought to be an obvious visual of the gap between the two fighters, but when they stepped into the ring at Madison Square Garden, none of that mattered. Ruiz Jr. started slow as Joshua pelted him with jabs, but came alive in the third round, sending the champ to the canvas after being knocked down himself.

From there, he only gained confidence, and in the seventh, Joshua tasted the mat two more times, ultimately leading to the referee to call a stop to the fight after he turned to his corner and was without his mouthpiece, looking fairly disinterested. Ruiz leapt around the ring in celebration, suddenly the new heavyweight champion of the world.

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