Angry Colts Fan Floods Jacksonville Hotel…Allegedly

10.14.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

Fans of the Indianapolis Colts don’t really like losing, or maybe it’s more fair to say that those we at KSK affectionately call The Fat Humps just aren’t used to it. But allegedly some Colts fan made a ree-verse L and flooded five floors of a Jacksonville hotel after his team had Josh Scobee’s leg thrust up their collective ass.

Our boy J Koot at Busted Coverage correctly points out that, since they have no idea who caused the flood, they can only speculate that it was a Colts fan. But really, who the hell else would be visiting Jacksonville? Maybe somebody that got lost on their quest for delicious bratwurst, and that Asian guy in the video after the jump, but anyone else? This whole thing reminds me of the end of Splash!, except for the part about the mermaid that kinda looked like a dude.

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