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The original not-quite-hot female athlete that was actually proficient in her sport is about to retire. That would be Sweden’s Annika Sorenstam, playing in her final stateside tournament this weekend. Yeah, for a Swede, she’s almost ugly, but by American standards, she’s kinda cute in that “If she gives me head in the parking lot then I’ll buy her ice cream and never call her again” sort of way.

This week marks the end of the LPGA season at the ADT Championship, which also means that it’s the end of the line for one of golf’s greats. Annika Sorenstam is bringing her stellar, 72-win, 10-major career to a close this year, and the ADT will be her final LPGA appearance. She has two more tournaments scheduled in Singapore and Dubai, and then that’ll be it.

Stellar? Don’t give me tournament wins and major championships. Where are the calendars? The sex tapes? I mean, would it kill her to wear a tank top once in a while? Good riddance, I say. Clear the floor for those sexy, incompetent twentysomethings that have no chance at bringing any sort of respectability to the women’s game. Like that Michelle Whats-her-name. You know she’s begging for it. Maybe.

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