Another Hottie Almost Died :(

05.13.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

SI swimsuit model Noemie Lenoir, perhaps tired of working in a career where she can’t eat anything, gobbled down a bunch of pills and alcohol in what authorities are labeling as a suicide attempt. It was either that or an evening with A.J. Daulerio. He likes to get down.

The model was found unconscious by a passerby in a wooded area near her home in Paris before being taken to a nearby hospital.

Hmmm. Supermodel lying in the woods…she’s totally unconscious…and I’m just wandering out in the woods here…nobody’s really around…Hey, we’d better get to the hospital! Allez! Allez! So

Lenoir, 30, had been dating Carl Hirschmann, a Swiss millionaire who has been embroiled in a sex and blackmail scandal, according to the Daily Mail.

Hirschmann is accused of organizing videotaped sex romps with intoxicated models and then demanding money in return for not posting the videos on the Internet, according to the Daily Mail.

His legal woes also include being accused having sex with a minor and forcing someone, not necessarily a minor, of committing a sex act against their will, according to the newspaper.–NY Daily News.

I could see how that would get somebody down. But come on, you’re a supermodel. I’m not saying your life is all fuzzy bunnies and pink puffy clouds, but how bad could your life be? Your millionaire boyfriend blackmailed a few of your work friends. Big deal. At least you were unconscious in Paris. Try being unconscious in Dayton sometime. Then you can talk about having problems. More images after the jump…

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