Antoine Walker Needs A Jobby Job

05.28.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Former three time NBA Star and 2006 NBA champion Antoine Walker has finally filed for bankruptcy. The former Kentucky star made 110 million dollars throughout the course of his 13 year NBA career. I’m surprised he was able to support himself on that salary, let alone feed any kids. If I weren’t so sick of the phrase “in this economy?” I would use it here, so instead I’ll just make a seamless transition to the block quote.

Walker worked out a payment plan last year with Las Vegas casinos after he was arrested for writing $1 million in bad checks. But he since was hit with a $2.3 million foreclosure lawsuit on a Chicago-area property he purchased for his mother. Walker, 33, lists liabilities of $12.74 million and assets of $4.28 million in his filing, according to Crain’s. (Via The assets include his 2006 NBA championship ring, valued at $6,000. The petition also lists nearly $650,000 in gambling losses in 2008-09. –USAToday

Vegas gambling troubles? Charles Barkley had those too but he was smart enough to cash in on shoe endorsements and celebrity. Antoine Walker has a lot less celebrity than Sir 5 Buck Box, but he should still be able to find an easy job doing something somewhere. Hell, even Kenny Powers was able to make appearances at car dealerships. And Walker has the advantage of being a non-fictitious person. 

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