Antonio Brown Apologized Again For Recording Mike Tomlin Calling The Patriots ‘A**holes’

01.18.17 2 years ago

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Antonio Brown has already said he’s sorry, but it doesn’t count unless the media was there.

Brown offered up a second apology about his Facebook Live video that went viral. He called the video a “distraction” and apologized to his coach and team when speaking to the press on Wednesday as the Pittsburgh Steelers get ready to play New England in the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

“I absolutely regret the Facebook Live situation,” Brown said. “Total distraction. Obviously disrespect to my coach. I’ve got the utmost respect to our coach so I totally regret that.”

Brown said he stood by his original apology—which he made on social media on Tuesday—saying he got “carried away in the moment.”

“We’re not all perfect. I’m human. I’m going to make mistakes, but as a man I own up to those mistakes.”

Brown did make the media wait a bit to get his apology, but he had a good excuse: he was getting a haircut. he was about 40 minutes late for his press conference because he was getting a haircut. The media knew that because, of course, he was posting about it on Snapchat.

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