Antti Niemi’s Shootout Save Is The Save Of The Year

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.22.13 14 Comments

antti niemi

As a fan of Not The Sharks it’s hard for me to keep putting all this pro-Sharks stuff on With Leather, but they’re doing some amazing things this season. I didn’t think we’d be able to top Tomas Hertl’s between-the-legs fourth goal in one game but he’s found competition in Antti Niemi, a man who is marching confidently toward the Vezina Trophy with an 8-0-1 record, a GAA of 1.64 and an early choice for save of the year.

Watch in amazement (three times) as Niemi shuts down Todd Bertuzzi of the Detroit Red Wings and wins the game for the Sharks. With a kick.

Unbelievable. Join us back here next week when a Sharks defenseman checks a dude mid-cartwheel.

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