I Would Do Anything For Lunch, But I Won’t Do That: Comerica Park’s Meatloaf Cupcakes

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.16.13 6 Comments

comerica park meatloaf cupcake

The ALCS is in full swing and already full of reasons for concern — power outages, racist a-holes stealing home run balls from ladies and Erin Andrews barely having any idea what’s going on among them — so let’s heap on another: heart disease!

Comerica Park is has introduced new concessions to celebrate the Tigers’ success and one of them is the meatloaf cupcake, a cupcake-shaped wad of meatloaf with mashed potato frosting, accented with cheese and chives. Looks like it’s an EPIC MEAL TIME in Detroit, AM I RIGHT INTERNET

Here’s the full pic, courtesy of MLB’s Twitter:

meatloaf cupcake

Pro Tip: don’t eat ice cream out of that miniature Tigets helmet if you’ve used it to hold the meatloaf cupcake.

I’m looking forward to the first ballpark that figures out how to mold hot dogs in the shape of cupcakes for ultimate trendy game-going kitsch. I thought burgers with donut buns and “totchos” (nachos with tater tots subbing in for chips) were the peak of parkfood ingenuity, but I guess we’ve got a long way left to go.

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