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Remember that commercial that aired during the NFL Playoffs with Peyton and Eli Manning in a competitive Oreo licking league? And it was so overwhelmingly and unabashedly gay you sliced off your penis and buried it in the backyard so they couldn't get to it? Well, good thing, because the Mannings are actually doing it for serious.

PEYTON AND Eli Manning have won Super Bowls, but how quickly can the quarterbacks lick the icing from a Double Stuf Oreo?

Roxborough's George Stolzer, 63, a retired firefighter, and his son, Christopher, 36, of Honey Brook, a shipping manager at UMAC, will find out on July 10 as they battle the Mannings in hopes of winning $10,000 in the Oreo Double Stuf Racing League "Lick Race" in New Orleans.

Ah, the implied brotherly incest between the Mannings wasn't quite transgressive enough, so they gotta bring in a father-son combo to face them. I'm guessing the final of this league, climax if you will, is going to be little more than a remake of Caligula. Cooper Manning can play the horse.

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