Are NCAA ‘Student-Athletes’ Too Exhausted To Actually Be Students?

04.21.15 3 years ago 12 Comments
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A new study conducted by the Pac-12 finds that the conference’s students are “too exhausted to study effectively.” Per’s Dennis Dodd, the study reveals that student-athletes spend an average of 50 hours per week on their sport.

The study sampled 409 athletes, who admitted that the time demands they have to meet cause them to feel “stressed” and gives them “anxiety and a loss of sleep that hinders academic and athletic performance.”

The study was obtained by despite it not being released publicly. It is part of a 10-point plan from Pac-12 presidents to propose changes to the NCAA’s model.

Looking at some of the other findings of the study, there are a few things that may poke some major holes in the NCAA’s staunch “student first, athletes second” model.

The NCAA’s limit for time spent on a particular sport is 20 hours a week. The study found that the number is being violated within the conference by only one hour (21). The other 29 hours spent on the sport include traveling, medical treatments and voluntary practices.

Furthermore, the study found that 73 percent of participants felt that “voluntary” activities were considered mandatory, and 54 percent of participants said that they felt they did not have enough time to study for tests.

Perhaps there should be an asterisk next to the NCAA’s antiquated “student-athletes” phrase.


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