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After the NBA placed Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas on indefinite suspension, the team is doing everything conceivable to essentially erase his image. Agent Zero, who’s also waiting to see if he’ll be charged with bringing four handguns into the Wizards’ locker room, may become zero, much to the chagrin of Wizards fans everywhere.

His image is gone from the Verizon Center’s wall…You can download computer wallpaper of Fabricio Oberto or Mike James, the Wizard Girls or Javaris Crittenton from the team’s Web site, but not one of Gilbert. If you search for his name at the NBA’s online store, you get zero results. If you try to make a customized “Arenas 0” jersey, you get this message:

“Your current entry cannot be processed. Language deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane will not be accepted. Please create a new entry.” –DC Sports Bog.

Pretty amazing for a guy that was the toast of the town just a couple months ago. Okay, maybe not toast of the town, but he certainly got a lot of love for a dude that missed a plethora of games due to injuries in the last two seasons. I wonder if Agent Zero will become a true secret agent now. He certainly seems to have the hardware for it.

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