The Rock Sent Arian Foster’s Mom A Video Message, And Her Reaction Was Adorable

Arian Foster was recently released by the Houston Texans, but that doesn’t appear to be stopping him from enjoying his offseason. The running back recently got to hang out with The Great One himself, The Rock, and he convinced the Fast and Furious star to send a special video message to Foster’s mom, Bernadette Sizemore.

Sizemore, like so many people, is a huge fan of all things Rocky, and when she saw that the former WWE champion had a special message for her on Foster’s Instagram, she reacted accordingly.

Sizemore also took to Twitter to show her excitement from the shout-out.

Foster was smart enough to keep his mom away from The Rock in person though, as he knew exactly how that would have turned out for all parties involved.

Considering the fact that The Rock stars on Ballers, a show about the fictional life of football players that has featured real NFL stars like Victor Cruz in the past, it’s entirely possible that Sizemore may get to see her son on the same show as Dwyane Johnson this summer, although there’s no confirmed report that that’s why the two were hanging.

Nevertheless, having The Rock shout you out on social media is just another perk of having an NFL player for a son, I suppose.