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I get a kick out of the Army-Navy rivalry (which will be played in Baltimore this year instead of Philly).  It's a bunch of people who all chose to forego a totally awesome college experience so they could endure a year of hazing followed by three years of gradually less severe imprisonment.  Pretty much the only difference between them is that Navy gets to wear Summer Whites AKA the Good Humor Ice Cream Man Costume AKA the "faggoty white uniform," while Army cadets have a super-queer cape they wear in the winter.  The defining difference between the two is that at least at the Naval Academy, you have a better shot of becoming a Marine Corps officer.

Anyway, the video above is of some cadets stealing Navy's mascot, while Navy's response is after the jump. 

[Awful Announcing/Wizard of Odds]

p.s. For a moderately entertaining read, you can check out my experience at last year's Army-Navy game

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