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As first revealed in a recent ESPN article, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and and all-time hits leader/MLB outcast Pete Rose have an unusual friendship: they regularly text message each other.

Rose has served as an electronic hitting coach of sorts for Rodriguez since the two met at a Las Vegas mall in January of 2006. Rodriguez sat with Rose while Rose signed autographs, asking about Rose's career, and when he left, A-Rod said, "Text me – let's talk hitting." […]

During the 2006 season, Rodriguez lost Rose's cell phone number and they finally reconnected while A-Rod was in a slump. Rose texted: "See if you can knock the pitcher's head off. Go the other way. Pete." A-Rod homered twice and singled in the next game. Rose texted: "You're coachable, brother. Pete."

Dawwww that's sweet.  Of course, Rose lives in Las Vegas, so you'd think maybe he could do a better job of coming through on advice for which kinds of strippers to take home.  Actually, I could probably give that advice out, too.  Step 1: Make sure she looks like a woman.  Once A-Rod mastered that one, we could move on to Step 2.

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