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The man that allegedly sold the gun used to kill former NFL quarterback Steve McNair is now in the custody of federal authorities. Although the person was only identified by anonymous sources as “a convicted felon,” it’s not a tremendous leap to presume that the person being detained could be Keith Norfleet, the ex-boyfriend of Sahel Kazemi. Kazemi, Nashville police determined, shot McNair four times before fatally shooting herself in the head almost two weeks ago.

Keith Norfleet had moved with Sahel “Jenny” Kazemi from Jacksonville, Fla., where he lived with his sister, nearly four years ago, family said. They started out with odd jobs before he settled into a position at White Castle. Kazemi worked as a waitress at several establishments before landing a job at Dave & Buster’s in Opry Mills, Joseph Norfleet [Keith’s father] said.

His father said Keith Norfleet received hateful e-mails and vitriolic comments at a rapid clip after rap songs he recorded turned up on the Internet. One song is eerily similar to the events of July 4: a song called “Closed Casket,” where he raps about a cheating couple and putting bullets in both their heads.

But Keith Norfleet said, through family, that the song had nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend and McNair. via

I totally believe him. I mean, why would he lie? You know, other than to beat a federal charge of accessory to murder.


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