Arsenal Players Photobomb Supporters During Photoshoots For Their New Kits

It’s really hard to do a photobomb in 2015 and have it be funny. By this point, just about every photobomb in every scenario has been done by someone, so for a photobomb to be funny, you have to do something unique.

A group of five Arsenal players – Petr Cech, Francis Coquelin, Mathieu Debuchy, Olivier Giroud, and Laurent Koscielny – tried to use photobombs in a way that promoted the team’s new uniforms, and it wasn’t bad! The quintet hid behind a black curtain while supporters were trying on the new kits, and while the cameraman was counting down to take pictures they would walk out and do something silly. They also used a few props, like a Gunners scarf, a squirt gun, some fake flowers, and a miniature green stuffed monster thing.

Understandably, when the fans figured out what was going on, they freaked out. The best reaction came around the 2:28 mark, when a younger fan realized that Giroud was standing right next to him and proceeded to scream for three seconds before being rendered speechless. Never stop going in, ultra-excited pre-teen Arsenal fan.

(Via Bleacher Report)