The Best Baseball Highlight Of The Year Is An Amazing Fan Race In Atlanta

06.10.17 2 years ago

Forget about Bryce Harper almost hitting someone with his helmet, the baseball highlight of the season is some dude chasing down another dude in the Atlanta Braves outfield.

Beat The Freeze is a contest held between innings in Atlanta where a blue-green morphsuit-wearing speedster gives a regular dork in the crowd a 200-foot lead in a race. Then he takes off to see who wins. Friday night’s Beat The Freeze contest will go down as not only the best version in the race’s history, but it’s likely the highlight of the Braves’ season.

“This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” an announcer on the Braves broadcast says because the clip is so good that they showed it during the game itself. That’s because it’s the most exciting thing to happen at a Braves game by far this season. At this point there’s a very good chance it winds up on the team’s season highlights DVD.

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