An Atlanta NBC Anchor Took Christin Cooper To Task For Her Bode Miller Interview

Between Dale Hansen’s amazing takedown of the NFL players who have a problem playing with Michael Sam because he’s gay and now this news clip from Atlanta, I’m really hoping that 2014 becomes the year that local news people stopped giving a crap about feelings and job security and just start laying it all out there. Yesterday, in the wake of Christin Cooper’s spotlight-stealing interview with Bode Miller, 11 Alive’s Brenda Wood took the former Olympian to the woodshed over the truly awkward and all-around wrong nature of her questioning.

Obviously, everyone from NBC’s executive producer Jim Bell to Miller himself has weighed in on this stupid interview, but Wood couldn’t help but let us know how she feels about a fellow journalist seemingly making an athlete’s medal moment more about what the network thinks the viewers would rather see. In short, “Brenda’s Last Word” is basically, “Gof*ckyourselfChristinCooper.”