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Leave it to Boston to complain about having both of their winter teams in the playoffs. Turns out that the Celtics and Bruins will be playing their games on the same nights. Yeah, that’s a shame, especially since you can only get one radio station at a time in that Celtics bandwagon.

Starting Wednesday, the Celtics and Bruins will play on the same night for the final five games (if necessary) of the Bruins’ series with the Carolina Hurricanes. That means Boston fans looking to watch their boys of winter on ice and on the parquet will have to do some channel surfing.

Amazingly, the Bruins and Celtics will not play at TD Banknorth Garden on same day at any point during this stretch. This reminds me of the 12-hour shifts that people worked in the stockyards in the early 1900s. Two guys would share a bed, and one would work while the other slept. That’s part of the reason I don’t understand why people get worked up when some 8-year-old kid from Pakistan wants to make me a soccer ball. It’s not like he has anything better to do…

|The Herald’s Celtics Blog, via GameOn|

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