Things Got Awkward In This Halftime Interview With Ravens’ Coach John Harbaugh

Following their loss to the Redskins earlier in the evening — and the shout fest that ended up with some fights and ejections — Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh was clearly in a foul mood. Yeah, he shook hands with Jay Gruden after the game and didn’t get chased off the field or throw a fit like his brother, but he couldn’t keep his bad mood hidden from this halftime interview.

As another Tweet noted, it’s funny to see Harbaugh jump on the guy his team hand picked for an interview at a pre-season game. He just clearly wasn’t in the mood to answer silly football questions (which I don’t think there are any good football questions to ask, especially during a loss). It’s either that or Harbaugh expected the guy to ask about nothing but the good stuff.

“Hey, you put a team on the field tonight, didn’t you, John. How’d that come about?”

“Pure grit. Determination. A savage writing hand and a stack of checks.”

That’s the way football interviews should go. Never question the coaches or players. Always keep it positive. Never annoy anybody. You’ll go places in this business. And no, I don’t mean the trash can once Harbaugh sneaks behind you as you enter the locker room to interview the players.

(Via Warren Sharp)