This Bachelorette Party Made Its Unforgettable Mark On A Live Olympics Broadcast

BBC Reporter Dan Welker was reporting live from the Rio Olympics on Saturday night, but he was unable to get through his segment as he was loudly interrupted by a bachelorette party. Instead of ignoring the noise and trying to work his way through it, Welker chose the much more fun option of directing the cameraman to film the lovely ladies and even having the bride, Maria, join him for an impromptu interview.

It wasn’t long before a “MARIA” chant started going. “I love everybody,” she also remarked on live television. Just as Welker thought he had gotten out of the situation relatively unscathed, Maria and her rowdy friends got wind of what channel the interview was on, which led to them starting a “BBC” chant.

At this point, with the segment having gone completely off the rails, there wasn’t much Welker could do but own it and try to move on. First though, Maria wanted to make sure that everyone in Great Britain gave her a call after her 15 minutes of fame were over.

A lesson for reporters everywhere: it’s almost always better to just ignore people disrupting your shot than engage with them, or else you will soon be interviewing a bride-to-be and her delightful friends on live television.