Bad Bunny Stole The Show During His WrestleMania Debut

After months of build and a few physical confrontations with The Miz, fans finally got their first look at rapper, singer, songwriter, and now professional wrestler, Bad Bunny, competing inside a WWE ring at WrestleMania 37.

After Damian Priest teased starting the match, Bad Bunny took the tag and hopped into the ring to square off with Miz. Bunny had his fair share of ups and downs throughout the match, taking the brunt of the beating from Miz and John Morrison, but showed off his fair share of offense before making the hot tag to Priest.

With Priest in the ring, Bunny stole the show, joining his partner to connect on stereo Falcon Arrows before climbing to the top rope and taking out Miz and Morrison on the outside.

Miz dropped Priest with the Skull-Crushing Finale, but Bunny made the save to keep his team in the match. After getting pulled off the apron by Morrison, Bunny laid him out with a Canadian Destroyer. To close out the match, Priest tagged Bunny in, who landed a flying crossbody on Miz to pin the former WWE champion.

It was clear from the opening bell that Bunny had put in a ton of work to get ready for WrestleMania and the match didn’t disappoint. Here’s what Miz told Uproxx earlier this week about Bunny’s work ethic in the build to ‘Mania.

“He loves WWE. He’s a huge, huge fan and he wanted to train. So I guess he’s been training the past couple of months and from what I’ve heard in the locker room, I don’t think any other celebrity has done the work he is doing. He literally came to a WWE ring and trained after winning a Grammy. He went to the Grammy’s, did a performance and then came to WWE ring the next day to train. This guy is dedicated and he’s hardworking.”

WrestleMania 37’s second night takes place on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Peacock.