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Residents of Madison, Wisconsin are reeling from the news that a couple in their early 20s were caught having sex in a women's room stall during a Badgers game at Camp Randall Stadium.

The [man and woman] were immediately ticketed for lewd and lascivious conduct, evicted from the stadium, and forced to appear in court for the first time Monday…

“I can’t recall another case in the time I’ve been with the district attorney’s office for someone arrested for having sex at a sporting event,” said Assistant District Attorney Mike Verveer… According to Verveer, both individuals were intoxicated at the football game.

You would think police would understand drunk people's need to fuck RIGHT NOW, and respect that the couple at least found the relative privacy of a bathroom stall.  As you can see, the scene is lovingly recreated in this artistic rendition by 289, and I think it's a pretty powerful image.  The badger costumes really convey the romance of the moment. 

(Thanks to steely-eyed commenter swanychitown)  

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