Baker Mayfield Wasn’t Sure If He Could Wear Rare Nikes LeBron Gave Him


Baker Mayfield may be the face of Cleveland sports these days, but he’s still offering reverence to LeBron James. Though the best basketball player alive is in Los Angeles with the Lakers now, James is still a huge Cleveland sports fan. And that means he’s a big fan of Baker Mayfield.

But as the Browns quarterback shared, having James’ attention isn’t easy. Mayfield appeared on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping during an appearance in Atlanta during Super Bowl week. The concept of the show is that he goes shoe shopping, but the most interesting things that came from the interview are some insights into what Mayfield already owns.

That includes a pair of rare LeBrons given to Mayfield by the basketball superstar himself. James gave Mayfield a pair of coveted Nike sneakers — LeBron Soldiers and LeBron Mowabbs — during his first week of rookie mini camp. It was a nice gesture, and Mayfield “loved it,” but the first overall pick wasn’t even sure if he could wear them.

“I loved it,” Mayfield said. “But I didn’t know whether I could put them on and wear them around or get judged for it.”

Mayfield raved about what James means to the community and how he’s been treated by fans there with LeBron’s help. But he admits the two rare Nikes are still “on ice” waiting to be worn. Since turning pro he says he’s become much more of a sneakerhead. And he spent about $1200 on shoes, but he also shared his love for a more affordable Nike product.

“I love wearing Chucks all the time.” Mayfield said, describing a red pair of Chuck Taylors he wore the soles out of. Mayfield explained that he wasn’t always a sneakerhead, but as he played more football and saw the creativity in the market, he got excited about exploring the space. Still, Chucks are a big part of his look.

“I’ll always rock Chucks. I can rock them with a suit,” Mayfield said. “Or I can put on some off-whites and go out. Any style works with me.”

Mayfield has been busy in the digital space this offseason, appearing in Cold as Balls online with Kevin Hart as well.

The Mayfield got to tell his story going from walk on to Heisman Trophy winner at Oklahoma while Hart makes some jokes at his expense. Mayfield did get to make some jokes about the Cleveland Browns of the 1950s, though.

“Cleveland is historically good,” Mayfield said. “Like, back in your day.”