The Indians Scored Five Runs In An Inning After Baker Mayfield Shotgunned A Beer

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Baker Mayfield might be the savior for a Cleveland Browns franchise that has needed one for, well, its entire existence. The former Heisman Trophy winner was electric during his first year in the NFL, and in year two, expectations are as high as they’ve ever been for the Browns. Plus, as it turns out, he might be the good luck charm for another team in Northeast Ohio.

The Indians are in a battle to make the postseason, sitting three games back of the Minnesota Twins in the AL Central and two games up in the top American League Wild Card spot. They got a big win over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on Saturday night, a 7-2 drubbing that got started with a five-run fifth inning.

Prior to that point, the game was tied at zero, and the Tribe had not recorded a hit. But between innings, a camera caught Mayfield drinking a beer in a suite. Once he realized he was on camera, he requested another beer then put on a show.

Decked out in a Francisco Lindor jersey, Mayfield bit a hole into the bottom of a can of Miller Lite and proceeded to shotgun while “Hells Bells” played. It was certainly a spectacle, and once it ended, Cleveland went on to score five runs, with Jason Kipnis and Lindor going yard during the frame.

Perhaps Mayfield will be the kind of transcendent talent who is able to lead the Browns to new heights in a manner similar to how LeBron James turned the Cavaliers into a juggernaut. It’s quite the bar to set, but if he’s able to be the spark that leads to a five-run inning for the Indians, who knows what he can end up accomplishing.

(Via Deadspin)