Orioles Star Adam Jones Has A Heartfelt Message To Baltimore’s Youth

Adam Jones
Getty Image

Due to the unrest in Baltimore, the MLB decided to keep the public out of the White Sox-Orioles game at Camden Yards on Wednesday. Baseball seems meaningless on the backdrop of the troubles in Baltimore, but Adam Jones took the time to provide some heartfelt words on the matter before the game:

“We’ve seen good,” he says. “We’ve seen bad. We’ve seen ugly. Our games canceled, postponed, relocated, a city that is hurting, a city that needs its heads of the city to step up and help the ones who are hurting….

[The youths’] frustration is warranted. It’s understandable, understood. The actions I don’t think are acceptable. But this is their cry. Obviously, this isn’t a cry that’s acceptable but it’s their cry and therefore we have to understand it and accept it. They need hugs. They need love. They need support. I’m going to try to give as much as I can because the city needs it.”

The city needs all the love and support it can get at this moment. Baseball may seem meaningless during the course of this trying time, but hopefully the Orioles can bring a bit of a reprieve to the city of Baltimore.

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