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As noted before, Manchester United uber-striker and hooker aficionado Cristiano Ronaldo is dating a little-known aspiring model named Nereida Gallardo.  Today, the day that Man U takes on FC Barcelona in the Champions League semifinals, The Sun (link NSFW) revealed that it has many, many topless photos of Nereida.  Hooray!

Nereida – which means water nymph – posed for the sizzling seaside photoshoot as she struggled to make ends meet while working as a nursing assistant… She works part-time in a run-down state-owned nursing home, where she earns little more than the minimum wage.

Her friend Lorenzo told The Sun: “She is a caring person. Away from her humdrum working life, though, Nereida is quite the party animal.” […]

A source added: “Nereida has been described as a model but she really is a nurse. She likes to appear in beauty contests and that kind of thing." […] She was the beauty queen at a biker event in Majorca last year and her pictures [were] featured in the local newspaper.

If a guy who loves hookers as much as C-Ron does is willing to date someone as anonymous as this chick, then it's anyone's guess what she can do in bed.  I'm not just talking anal, people.  It's gotta be crazier than that.  She's gotta have some kind of vacuum suction power in her colon.  I bet she can open beers with her anus.  No joke.


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