04.27.09 9 years ago 7 Comments

Game On caught an image of the new statue commemorating Barbaro’s Kentucky Derby in 2006, an impressive display of MY FREAKING GOD, PEOPLE, IT’S JUST A DAMN HORSE!

A bronze statue was unveiled yesterday at Churchill Downs of the race’s 2006 winner, who died after a lengthy battle with a hoof condition. Barbaro’s ashes are buried beneath the sculpture, which stands near Gate 1, next to the Kentucky Derby Museum.

The artwork is being called a first, because it shows the horse in midair, with no feet touching the ground.

The statue is about 5/4 the size of the actual Barbaro, which could make a lot of guys uncomfortable if it’s anatomically correct. The Derby, by the way, is this Friday Saturday. I think of it as the NCAA Tournament for horses, since the participants get paid with lodging and oats, and can pretty much screw whoever they want. Beats having your scrotom hair burned off by a laptop five days a week. But then, so does…everything.

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