12.11.07 10 years ago 22 Comments

Thanks to badass tipster Josh, I can't begin to guess why the hell Warriors point guard Baron Davis is wearing short-shorts and roller skates… which is why I'm glad YouTube clips come with descriptions: 

In this clip from FRAMED, actress Emmanuelle Chriqui of "Entourage" and two time NBA All-Star Baron Davis take a trip through time as they hunt for the perfect wardrobe for Baron's short film, "One Shot."

I'm not sure what FRAMED is, but there's something about this being a show on the IFC Channel.  But I don't know what the IFC Channel is, so I'm still pretty clueless.

Anyway, it's nice that Emanuelle moved on from Entourage (a show by douchebags, about douchebags, for douchebags). I always enjoyed how retarded dipshits counted her as a legitimate reason to watch the most overrated show in history.  Sure thing, guy.  And On the Line was awesome, too.  I especially liked the part where Lance Bass played a straight dude.

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