Barry Sanders Asked Fans To Caption This Photo And It’s Going About As Well As You’d Expect

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08.13.14 2 Comments

Every week NFL Hall of Famer and Oklahoma State standout Barry Sanders runs a caption contest on his Facebook, a page that has over 400,000 likes. Most of the pics are pretty ho-hum, Barry sitting in a car, Barry and Emmitt Smith, Barry about to juke an entire defense and so on and so forth.

Today’s pic features Barry laying on the ground with some cheerleaders above him. Enter John Q. commenter.

-If you think Barry is fast, you should see how fast he is when a woman tells him she’s pregnant!

-“Yup I banged them all”

-And you think I slipped in and out of defenses fast?


-Stop looking up our skirts Barry…

-One at a time ladies

-These girls know the real roar..Lol


There were also a few amusing ones…

-Look Mom me and the Lions Offensive Line!

-Orange is the new black

-Cheerleader tryouts for the Lions. They only kept Barry.


Alright you guys, not cool. Who added the Brazzers logo?

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