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Jay Bergman, the baseball coach for University of Central Florida for the last 40 years, has been fired after he allegedly sexually harrassed the team's equipment manager

Bergman used a bat to simulate raping equipment manager Chris Rhyce in early March, said the university source and two other sources with knowledge of the allegation. The university source asked for anonymity because he is not authorized to speak for UCF.

The three sources said Rhyce told the university in a written complaint that he was held down on the field, fully clothed, by a baseball staff member before a March 7 game while the players watched. Bergman was said to have grabbed a bat and shoved it toward Rhyce's buttocks.

Dude what's the big deal?  It's not like you actually got bat-raped.  And even if he had been, it's really not so bad if you've had five or six strawberry margaritas beforehand.  Um, at least that's what I heard from someone I don't know who's into that sort of thing.

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