This Baseball Game Ends On An Unbelievable Walk-Off Steal Of Home Plate

If you had to write the ending to the most overly dramatic and corny baseball movie of all time, you’d probably have game seven of the World Series end with someone from the good guy team stealing home for a walk-off win. Sure, it’s a way for the movie to end on a high note, but it’s the most unrealistic ending to a movie with baseball in it ever, because baseball games usually don’t end that way.

In fact, prior to this video of Ida Legion Baseball Post 514 in Michigan winning a game that way, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baseball game end this way. Still, it’s an incredibly impressive way to win a baseball game. Most of the details aren’t known, outside of the fact that the game was tied at four and there are two outs when the guy on third base broke for home during the pitcher’s offering to the catcher.

It was a spectacular play and one of the best ways that you’ll ever see a baseball game end. Did it seem totally unrealistic and almost impossible, because a ton of things need to go exactly right (the pitcher isn’t playing attention, the pitch isn’t fast enough, the runner gets a perfect break for home, the catcher can’t get a clean tag)? Certainly, but good on this Legion squad for pulling it off.

(Via Bob’s Blitz)