A Bellator Fighter Was Getting Dominated In Such Boring Fashion He Started Booing His Opponent With The Crowd

Bellator and the UFC had dueling events last night, both with a wild and historic amount of action, but one match was a battle of styles that went poorly for heavy-hitter Paul Daley. The English striker’s opponent was Jon Fitch, a former UFC title contender and one of the most smothering wrestlers known to man. Daley landed a few heavy punches to Fitch, but the veteran absorbed them, and took down Daley time and time again, holding him to the mat and smacking him with pitter patter punches, much to Daley’s chagrin.

At one point near the end of the fight, Daley moved towards the cameras and the cage mic to yell:

“You’re going to get lots of fans with this Bellator. Millions. Millions of fans. This is cool? Bullshit. Look it’s like the crowd can hear me. They’re booing. Boo! Boo! Booooo!”

Daley’s relationship with Bellator hasn’t been good, and he was banned from the UFC after punching Josh Koscheck after the bell back in 2010. He’s running out of places to fight. Let’s take a look again:

Oddly enough, Daley seems to be echoing most uneducated fans when it comes to grappling, which has been his Achilles heel for years. Rather than work his way back to his feet and win the match, he’d rather yell at the promoter for not putting him in a kickboxing match? Odd.