Bellator Went Full TNA With Tito Ortiz And Stephan Bonnar

This past Friday, Bellator Fighting Championships returned with an interesting night of fights. The main event, a featherweight title bout between Pat Curran and Patricio Freire, was an incredible contest between two top-tier mixed martial artists.

Unfortunately, what directly preceded that was one of the most ridiculous, laughable and stupid moments in the history of legitimate combat sports. Scott Coker, the new president of Bellator, announced a big event to close off the current season in November. Headlining that event (Over a lightweight title fight between Will Brooks and Michael Chandler) will be UFC Hall of Famers Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar. Both men were called into the cage, where I’m sure nothing out of the ordinary happened.

In actuality, what happened was Bonnar, who had been sitting cageside with a masked man the entire night, began running down Ortiz, claiming he had numerous former Ortiz training partners and coaches willing to help train him for his upcoming fight. Bonnar’s ace in the hole turned out to be the man standing next to him, who unmasked to reveal himself as none other than Justin “The Nsane1” McCully!

What’s that, you’ve never heard of Justin McCully? Yeah, that’s basically how the crowd reacted. Incidentally, it’s not the first time a “shocking” reveal involving Tito Ortiz has fallen hilariously flat.

But wait, there’s more! Before he relinquished the microphone, Bonnar proclaimed his sympathy for Jenna Jameson, wondering how she managed to put up with Ortiz for all of their years of marriage. That’s ultimately what set off Tito, who garbled something incomprehensible into the microphone and then whiffed on a shove from two feet away. Security got involved and the parties were separated to everyone’s relief.

With how terrible everything went, I can only assume that both Stephan Bonnar and Scott Coker are double agents working for the UFC to make Bellator look as stupid as possible. I don’t know what’s next, maybe Bonnar throws a fireball at Tito.