02.10.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

There has been speculation about the contract situ with ESPN’s Chris Berman, he of the immodest combover and haughty swampass. In what we’d call a “walk year” for any athlete, Berman allegedly is being courted by the NFL Network and DirecTV. Uh huh.

Berman, right now, is The Man at ESPN. He’s been there forever, probably knows everyone, and seems to come and go as he pleases. His value, I’d argue, would be significantly less than it is at the network where he has worked over the last 30 years. Would he be willing to be The New Guy at an arguably less mature operation? I doubt it.

I chalk this up to smoke and mirrors; Berman wants more money from ESPN, who might finally be willing to reduce his on-camera role and make way for some of its younger talent. I don’t expect him to leave that anchor chair at NFL Prime Time unless he does so in the back of an ambulance.

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