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Lest you ever ponder leaving your computer and venturing outside for some exercise, let these stories of casual bike riders be your guide to stay put and let your ass get fatter.

A Spanish driver who collided with a cyclist is suing the dead youth's family $29,300 for the damage the impact of his body did to his luxury car, a Spanish newspaper reported on Friday.Businessman Tomas Delgado says 17-year-old Enaitz Iriondo caused $20,500 of damage to his Audi A8 in the fatal 2004 crash in La Rioja region…

Delgado, who has faced no criminal charges for the incident, wants a further 6,000 euros to cover the cost of hiring another vehicle while his car was being repaired, El Pais said.

But wait, there's more:

A Glenn County sheriff's deputy shot a man with a Taser gun for allegedly riding his bike at night without proper lighting. According to a sheriff's spokesman, the bicyclist ignored warnings from the deputy he would use the stun gun, then fled on foot. One probe struck the bicyclist, Omar Herrada Rivera, 39, but he did not receive a shock.

After being checked out at a hospital, Rivera was held in the county jail on suspicion of resisting arrest, riding a bicycle without proper lighting, riding under the influence of alcohol and using false citizenship government documents.

See what can happen? You're safer here. Stay close, stay close. Just tell me you won't get on the bike again. Just play Paperboy like a good little man. All those video game tornadoes can't hurt you. -Christmas Ape

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