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So it’s been about a month since the initial accusations of sexual assault were made toward Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlilsberger…you know, as opposed to Cincinnati-area Olive Garden busboy Ben Roethlisberger. The civil suit posed by this woman, an employee at a Lake Tahoe casino and hotel, seems to be losing steam after a handful of her emails–seemingly discussing her plans to consentually get down with the two-time Super Bowl champ–came to light. The emails were apparently sent to Guy Hyder, chief of security at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.

In one e-mail to Hyder, the woman apparently spoofed a memo from Harrah’s President John Koster to staff, announcing her immediate resignation.

“She is with Big Bens child and … she has relocated to Pittsburgh,” the e-mail said. “We wish her good luck (she will need it) in her future endeavors.”[…]

In another e-mail exchange with Hyder, she reportedly wrote, “Hail Mary full of grace give me the strength to not go to his room to fix his television.” via.

Yeah, so the defense is moving to dismiss, calling the allegations “reckless.” Obviously, what happens in Tahoe does not stay in Tahoe, especially when Ta’ Hoe is trying to get pregnant. Thank you, thank you. I just came up with that…

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