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On the heels of a report that Red Sox players were taught how to use steroids under the Duquette regime, beloved Sox DH David Ortiz (not pictured) is denying that any of Manny Ramirez’s alleged steroid use would have been connected with the team. From Y! Sports, via Rumors and Rants:

“This situation has shocked me. That’s not the guy that I know,” the Boston Red Sox designated hitter said before Tuesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Angels. “The only thing I know about him is that he’s a guy who works hard every day and gets prepared to play the game.”[…]

“I’m serious. Manny is on his own, always. When we were here playing together, it would have been, `OK, let’s meet around noon so we can have lunch and then go to the field.’ He’d say OK, and the next thing you know, you’d be calling his phone in the room and you wouldn’t reach him—and you just talked to him an hour ago. But that’s him.”

It’s also odd that Manny’s first spring training away from Boston is the first time he happens to flunk a steroid test. Also odd, when a woman’s clearly upset about something and you ask what it is and she says, “Nothing.” It’s not nothing. I know nothing. It’s what I do everyday. At least that’s what I tell my parole officer.

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