Big Stein Dies, Big Idiots Argue

07.14.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

When George Steinbrenner passed away yesterday, I expected to see a fair share of Boston fans rejoice, albeit insensitively, with the attitude of “Ding dong, the witch is dead.” That ended up not being the case, for the most part, and the majority of the media and sports fans in general have given an iconic figure a considerable level of respect in the wake of his massive heart attack. Thank goodness nobody is using this as a way to beg for attention.

Just kidding. Inexplicably wealthy and even more inexplicably employed radio host Rush Limbaugh offered his own tribute to the Boss yesterday, and instead of simply praising Steinbrenner as an undeniable business genius, buttons were pushed. And because people still somehow tune in to listen to this guy struggle to breathe between words, the most boring day of the sports year is being cluttered with an argument about race.

From yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh Show transcript:

That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires. George Steinbrenner, the classic capitalist. Everybody around him became wealthy. Like most successful capitalists, he made the people around him wealthy, and a lot of African-American millionaires along the way, and at the same time he fired a bunch of white guys as managers, left and right.

Hey, I wonder who that comment could have possibly pissed off… Hmmm…

“For the last 20-years I have known George Steinbrenner and we have quarreled over diversity and community programs but I always found him fair, direct, and genuinely prone to do what he felt was right,” [Rev. Al] Sharpton said in a statement. “He generated a lot of money for a lot of players as well as for baseball as a whole. … Mr. Limbaugh and his broadcasters owe his family an apology.” (Source)

So instead of celebrating a man whose reckless spending both infuriated and pleased millions of people, and instead of discussing the way he changed the game by sharing revenue with owners who lacked his vision or business savvy, we’re letting two guys who should be shot into the sun somehow burgle our conversation. You want my opinion on this? Fine. Here’s my opinion:

Then again, my answer to most sociological debates it Bo Jackson’s ass.

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