02.08.08 10 years ago 21 Comments

We're well into Day Five of Patriots Imperfection, and the haterade is still flowing freely.  KSK has taken a shot at the protest petition by Pats fans of the final 1:40 of the Super Bowl, and SportsPickle's excellent take on the New England loss claims it was merely the most diabolical Belichick plan yet.

And this video is just kinda awesome because the guy does a solid Belichick impression, and I like the idea of Mutter McPursylips losing his mind at a press conference. (Fun fact: the actor is Whit Hertford, and you may remember him from Jurassic Park as the whiny kid who looks at the velociraptor skeleton and says, "That's not very scary. More like a six-foot turkey."  Now try to imagine Belichick saying that line.  Awesome, right?)

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