02.28.08 10 years ago 19 Comments

So, here's a story that's not very interesting but is still making the rounds because a lot of sports fans hate the Patriots and also hate gays, or they are gay and like the Patriots, or they aren't necessarily homophobic but still call things like the Patriots "gay." 

Anyway, a photo of Bill Belichick was placed on the cover of Boston Spirit magazine, and it was somehow relevant because the mag had a discussion about the possibility of an athlete coming out of the closet.  I'll let MJD explain:

In fact, the article inside, about whether or not the city of Boston is ready to accept a gay athlete, has little to do with Belichick at all. They put Belichick on the cover, because, according to publisher David Zimmerman, "He is currently the most recognizable coach in the New England area."

Right, got it.  Out: rainbows, pink triangles.  In: recognizable coaches.  And if a recognizable coach comes out, then coaches are even more in!  I think.  I'm not really in step with gay culture.  Although Jersey Boys?  Simply FABULOUS!

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