Bill Murray Is Launching A Line Of Golf Apparel To Bring Some Fun To The Game

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Bill Murray is known for his wacky and eccentric personality. He’s one of the most beloved actors of all time, but he’s as well-known for his impish behavior in his day-to-day life. So what’s the latest zany thing that Murray is up to? Making money selling clothing.

OK, so this is maybe not the most fun thing Murray has ever done, but there is still some of his spirit in this project. Bill Murray and his brothers have gone into business with John Resig to launch Williams Murray golf, a line of golf apparel. You are probably familiar with Murray’s love of sports — he owns part of three minor-league baseball teams, and once had The Sweet Spot, a golf-centric show, on Comedy Central.

The line, which launches in full on Oct. 20, features a logo of Bill Murray jokingly throwing his putter at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and promises to bring “more fun” to the game. There are a few different designs. One of them, seen above, features a bunch of cups of alcohol will golf balls floating in them, with a few of them spilled over. It’s a cool looking shirt, whether you like golf or not. Plus, it has Bill Murray on it. You can see some of the other apparel over at Golf Digest‘s website.

Also, if you were wondering about the experience of working with Bill Murray, Resig said, “I can confirm that all the urban legends are true.”

(Via Golf Digest)