Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. Pro Wrestlers, Smiling Politely.

If you weren’t aware, Billy Corgan (a musician who was probably pretty important to you if you were alive in 1992) runs a pro wrestling promotion. He calls it “Resistance Pro.” They mostly run shows out of Chicago. If you were in Philadelphia on National Pro Wrestling Day, you may remember Res Pro for the event’s lone overtly-awful match.

Anyway, here are three things Billy Corgan loves:

1. Alienating people who play music with him

2. Bad pro wrestling

3. Walter E. Smithe furniture

If we’re to assume that James Iha is off somewhere in the background sulking because he wasn’t invited to Billy Corgan’s Musical Chairs, those three things have come together (finally) in a local furniture commercial. It’s everything you’d expect from a local commercial about … whatever this is about.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense. I can accept that Corgan and the furniture dudes would be playing musical chairs, or that they’d be in a wrestling ring, but a game of musical chairs held inside a wrestling ring? That never ends well. It instantly ends in violence, and Corgan can apparently summon a gang of wrestlers to do his violent bidding. But then sweeeerve, Billy doesn’t want them to go so far as to break those nice chairs.

Ah well, it’s still better than Zeitgeist.