‘BJJ Is Gay’ Says Shirtless YouTube Poet

The results of a shocking scientific study reveal that Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system formed from Kodokan Judo that focuses on grappling, is gay.

The news comes to us from “Freddie,” shirtless YouTube poet and proprietor of Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu, and touches on such important logistical tentpoles such as “rollin’ around with a dude every f*cking day” and “you’re surrounded by a bunch of hard dicks.” He wants to round them all up and send them to jail where they will enjoy being gang-raped, because they are hoes. These points and more in BJJ IS GAY, the new hate-rap from a naked homophobe on the Internet.

This face should tell you everything you need to know:

That guy HATES you, you friends of Gracie! Be sure to check out the slam poetry now before it gets taken down, or worse, ends up remixed in autotune. Can’t you see what you’re doing is f*cking gaAAAaaaAAY whoAAAA~

Content warning: This video contains offensive, extremely stupid language.

I will happily post any and all videos of MMA guys confronting Freddie in real life and beating the crap out of him.