Blaine Gabbert Sucks Less Than Cam Newton

03.29.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

We’re gonna roll out a couple more posts before we head out today, but first I want to address a question in the comments of this Cam Newton post. Fellow Leatherhead Sandra left this inquiry about the general grumpiness directed toward the former Auburn quarterback, with my emphasis added.

I am looking for a serious and well thought out argument outside of the usual regurgitated media stuff as to why Cam isn’t a good fit anywhere in the NFL but Blaine Gabbert is?

First of all, I never brought up Blaine Gabbert. Sandra did, which is annoying. It’s like when you rave about Five Guys and somebody chirps, “Yeah, but it’s not as good as In-N-Out.” Who mentioned In-N-Out? That’s not the point. The point is that an NFL team is going to make this decision–and bet millions of dollars in doing so. Sandra asks fair question, and though I don’t necessarily agree with its premise, let’s answer it. I WORK FOR YOU, PEOPLE.

I think that part of the reason that silly little white boy is haunting Sandra’s dreams is because he got Tom Condon as his agent. Gabbert’s doing the press rounds like a pro because his people know the drill and know how to get their guy into the conversation.

Cam Newton signed with Bus Cook–Brett Favre’s agent–so unless Cam threatens to retire at the podium on draft day, the “what if” angle, as Sandra mentioned, is going to get more play.

So Gabbert wins the PR battle.

Gabbert played 2 years at Mizzou to Newton’s one at Auburn, and Gabbert was more integral to his team’s success. Gabbert threw for more yardage last season, and he threw more frequently.

Pop quiz: How many regular season games last year did Cam Newton throw more than 25 passes?


How many regular season games last year did Gabbert throw more than 25 passes?

Every one.

Gabbert was a more valuable player to his team than Newton, and, depending on which other metrics one would nitpick, you could say that Gabbert had a better season. That makes Gabbert a better prospect.

Cam Newton’s primary weapon–running out of the pocket under duress–will almost certainly by neutralized against NFL talent. That makes Gabbert a better prospect.

That doesn’t mean that Cam couldn’t set the world on fire at the pro level, but if he manages to be a double threat on Sunday, he’d only be the second guy ever to do it. Does that mean Blaine Gabbert will be a better player in the NFL? How much money would you put on that?

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