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Many sports blog readers already know and love blind baseball — AKA beep baseball — which spurred our collective love for the Blind World Cup.  And now blind soccer has made its way to Germany, where an 8-team tournament begins March 29th.

The sport – which caters both for the blind and partially sighted – is played in other European countries such as England, France, Greece, Spain and Russia.  Blind football was only introduced [in Germany] in May 2006 just before Germany hosted the last World Cup, but now less than two years later Germany will have an eight-team tournament when the league kicks off on March 29…

Each team has five players including a partially sighted goalkeeper. Helpers are positioned behind the goals to guide the players and the ball has a bell inside it to help players locate it.

Naturally, the blind soccer players fell in love with the sport by virtue of not having to watch it

[The Offside

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