Blogging Advice: Logan Morrison’s Twitter Is Not A Source

Logan Morrison’s Twitter bio reads

To know me is to Tweet with me! Miami Marlins LF. Twittaholic. All around good guy (with just a pinch of dangerous sexuality)!

… so you’d think that when he’s the guy breaking a story, baseball reporters and major news outlets would go, “heh, logan morrison is trolling twitter” and wait an hour for the punchline. Unfortunately, not everyone in the sports world checks sources thoroughly or is interested in doing their job well. Case in point:

And the real joke, by way of Big League Stew:

Of course that didn’t stop some media outlets, such as WGN Radio in Chicago — flagship station of the Chicago Cubs — from going to the air with the news, while not directly acknowledging the tweets. Sports anchor and Chicago Cubs postgame host David Kaplan reportedly told listeners a deal with Seattle was near just moments after the original tweet, and that the Cubs were likely to miss out on the best free agent left.

Everyone else (well, not everyone else, but almost everyone else) waited an hour for the punchline.

The best part wasn’t that he was making a joke about Singer Prince or using clips from Chapelle’s Show instead of an actual clip of Prince, it’s that when he revealed he was joking some people still didn’t get it and tried to correct him. Lots of “uhhhh the mariners don’t play in century link field dude” and “you mean safeco lol”. The greatest trick Twitter ever pulled is convincing me that every other person in the world is Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

The reporting world sent its top representative to deal with Morrison.

The joke’s on him. The only stories I’ve ever seen about Logan Morrison are about dumb sh*t he’s said on Twitter and that one time he flipped out about a praying mantis. At least now we know to never take him seriously agai-

oh my god

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