Bob Costas’ Tenure At NBC Is Officially Over

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Bob Costas has been associated with NBC for a decades, and the veteran broadcaster is a legend in the sports media industry. However, word broke in late August that his time with the network could be coming to an end and, on Tuesday, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported that Costas has officially parted ways with NBC.

Costas, who has been with NBC for nearly four decades, is 66 years old and still active in working for MLB Network. However, his absence from the NBC airwaves has been noticeable recently and the report indicates that Costas could be looking to add a “sports/news interview-style show” in the future.

At the moment, Costas is an occasional play-by-play voice for MLB Network — his voice has been synonymous with that sport for a long time. Perhaps non-coincidentally, Costas shared a public acknowledgement of his lack of interest in football moving forward and, given the fact that the NFL is the headline sport at NBC (which does not cover the NBA or MLB at this time), the parting of ways makes even more sense.

Still, Costas has been a noteworthy voice in leading NBC’s coverage of the Olympics in the past and there was also some reported consternation as to how his contract would be handled in the future. Marchand’s report quotes Costas as saying that “it’s all settled quietly and happily for all concerned,” however, leaving him to move on to the next step in a Hall of Fame career.

In Costas’ stead, NBC has turned to Mike Tirico has its showcase voice for Olympics content and that seems to be the plan moving forward. It might be odd to take stock of the network without Costas, though, even if that is now the reality.

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