Bob Ley Has 99 Problems and Steroids are 98 of Them

Pro Wrestling Editor

In an attempt to recapture the hot fire of the Greg Gumbel/KRS-One beef from the late 80s, Outside The Lines’ Bob Ley has dropped a mix tape featuring a diss on DeShawn Stevenson, claiming the Dallas Mavericks guard should show him the same respect he might show his own mother. Wait, no, I’m sorry, he’s just 56-year old white professional reciting Jay Z lyrics on television. Either way is awesome. Ley know the difference ‘tween the king and the pawn, and shows you what happens if you come at the king and miss.

Watch him spit teleprompted venom in the video below.

My favorite part is actually before the rap, when he says “Jay Z … Lebron’s friend” like he’s calling Joe Montana Sports Talk Football. I’d pay for a CD of SportsCenter personalities recreating rap hits, if only to see how often Chris Berman would sample himself. It couldn’t be any worse than Ben Broussard jinxing the Indians AND U2 with a cover of “With Or Without You”.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Bob Ley is the hottest MC in the game.

[h/t Outside the Boxscore]

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