Boise State Tried To Run The Play That Won The 2007 Fiesta Bowl, But Failed Tremendously

Associate Editor

The 2007 Fiesta Bowl is considered one of the best and most important college football games of all-time. The Boise State Broncos took down the Oklahoma Sooners in overtime, 43-42. It was an insane game that was most memorable because it showed that a smaller school could hang with and beat a school from a major conference.

It was also iconic because the end of the game was completely insane. The two schools combined for 21 points in the game’s final minute and 26 seconds, with the Broncos scoring right before the clock hit zero.

Boise State also ran a whole bunch of trick plays down the stretch — a hook-and-lateral on 4th-and-18 for the game-tying touchdown at the end of the fourth quarter, a wide receiver pass for a touchdown in overtime, and most famously, a Statue of Liberty on a two-point conversion to win the game.

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